Insulated Pex Piping is becoming a more popular feature of high-quality heating and cooling systems because of its many benefits. The use of insulated pex pipe allows a system to have less joints, so there is less chance of leaks in the system. These insulated boiler pipe, insulated pex tubing, and other forms of insulated pex piping are improving the heating and cooling applications they are used in while proving to be cost effective.

What Is Insulated Pex Pipe?

This product known as insulating pex pipe or insulated pex tubing is a flexible tubing or pipe made of a special crossed link polyethylene. This material is strong and chemical resistant as well as being usable in all kinds of temperature ranges. The flexibility of this type of piping allows it to make angles and turns without a break and joint that piping such as copper would require. Since joints are where many leaks happen, a system with fewer joints will have fewer places for leaks to develop. Pex tubing and piping come in many diameters and have many uses. When this pex piping is insulated it makes a substantial difference in how indoor and outdoor heating and cooling systems work. When pex pipe is insulated at the manufacturer’s facility it is easier to install and more effective. Insulated pex piping is made by surrounding one or more pex pipes with foam or other insulating material then adding a strong outer covering. This new insulated pex piping is replacing the older chlorinated polyvinyl chloride and polyvinyl chloride tubes, used in domestic water pipelines. These insulated pex pipes come in many different diameters, lengths and configurations, depending on the intended use. The diameter can go from one-fourth inch to four inches. The most popular sizes are three-eighths inch and one-inch diameter.

Where Are Insulated Pex Pipes used?

Since insulated pex pipes are noncorrosive, very flexible and impervious to heat and cold, they have many uses. These pipes are used for many heating, cooling and plumbing purposes. They are also used in systems designed to transport chemicals, insulating high tension wires, offshore transport of natural gas, slurry, and oil, and even moving sewage. These pipes can come in different colors for differentiation of materials such as hot water lines and cold water lines. Pex tubing can be used in radiant heat flooring systems and thermal solar panels. This product is very well suited to outside underground applications. Because of the insulation, these pipes work well in ceilings, walls, or floors. Insulated pex pipe can also be used for community heating and cooling systems, agricultural geothermal installations, in-process and hydronic piping systems, and snow and ice melting mechanisms.

What Are The Advantages Of This Type Of Piping?

Insulated pex piping is a little more expensive than some types of piping, but it has advantages that make it worth the higher initial cost. Since this pipe comes already insulated and requires fewer joints, it requires less time to install, saving on labor costs. When there are fewer joints, there are fewer places to develop leaks, so there will be fewer repair costs. Pre insulated pex pipe is more energy efficient, making it more environmentally friendly and cost effective. Pex pipes are impervious to rust and damage by other chemicals in the soil or other surrounding materials. The strong outer covering on insulated pex pipe makes it durable and less vulnerable to damage from outside forces. This type of pipe lends itself to self-installers due to its easy installation. This pipe is available in sections including ten feet or seamless in lengths to order per installation requirement.

Where To Purchase This Pipe And The Parts And Fittings That Go with It

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