I purchased the Thermowind 2000 furnace in September 2013 and came to the factory and picked it up my self in Arkansas. Also checked out your other products and orerations and all I can say is I was very impressed. You made Special arangements for me to come from Alabama and pick it up. Got it home and hooked up in only 2 days very easy to install. I live in Northeast Alabama and it does get cold here. Down to -1 deg on January 4-6 and down to 6 deg tonight 1-23-2014, but it's nice and warm in my house 75-80 deg. Very easy and cheap to operate only 4-8 sticks of wood in 24 hours. I load it around 4:30 every day. It has cut my heating bill for November $200.00. I was heating with natural gas and had it cut off. Have not gotten a bill for December or January yet but I would not be afraid to say I will save $350.00 each month. That is $900.00 savings for 3 months. Yes, I believe in your furnaces working like a dream. Any one thats wants to talk to me about my furnace can get a hold of me if they want to. I do not work for Hyprotherm heating or am involved with them in any way. Just a satisfied Hyprotherm furnace owner. I do cut my own wood and don't have hardly any money in my fire wood, just a little time. It helps me clean up around my pasture where I used to cut them down, pile it up and burn it for years. Now I heat my house with it. Wish I had bought one a long time ago. One very happy owner. And I want to Thank Randy at Wood Heating Solutions in Wisconsin for all of his help and taking my order on Labor Day. Yes, Labor Day, the man works all of the time. Thanks Randy.

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We purchased our wood burner this spring and have been very happy! Everything needed was sent and my husband installed it easily himself. Randy at Wood Heating Solutions made sure we knew and completely understood everything prior to our order. We are keeping our pole shed and home nice and toasty on these cold Wisconsin nights!

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Johnson Creek, WI