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Hypro Therm Outdoor Wood Furnace 20 Year Warranty

Hypro Therm Outdoor Wood Furnace 20 Year Warranty

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Hypro Therm Outdoor Wood Furnace

On-Site Warranty for
20 years on new furnaces!
First 5 Years paid 100%
Pro-rated years 6-20
plus a Lifetime Warranty
and 30 Year Warranty
on roof and siding!We have a 5-YEAR ON-SITE warranty against leaks on the furnace – NOT prorated – 100% PAIDPlus we have a 20-YEAR Parts AND Labor ON-SITE warranty (pro-rated) against leaks and structural defects on the furnace, even on self-installations!Electrical components such as the fan, thermostat and pump and the door and grates have a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. We will ship you a new part. Nothing takes more than 10 minutes to replace.We don’t have you ship the furnace back to us, like some other companies demand.

We send a local professional repairman out to your furnace, and it’s repaired on the spot, if it ever leaks!

Years 6-20 are prorated as follows. We pay the following percentage or credit*:

Year 1- 5   – 100%
Year 6    – 90%
Year 7    – 80%
Year 8    – 70%
Year 9    – 60%
Year 10  – 50%
Year 11  – 40%
Year 12  – 14  – 30%
Year 15  – 20  – 20%
Year 21 to forever  – 10%

* We will give you the percentage discount on the repair or off a replacement boiler. Furnace will be repaired or replaced, whichever is less expensive.
       Shipping not included.      No cash or surrender value.
The cost of the service call is not covered after 5 years.The life of your furnace depends upon proper maintenance. With proper maintenance your furnace can give you 25 – 30 plus years of dependable service. We have many that are 25 years old and they’re being built even better now!

The best option is to use our 5-year Rust Blocker OR you MUST submit a water sample to Wood Boiler Solutions LLC annually for professional lab analysis.

You MUST follow their recommendations.

Just purchase the “Water Sample Test Kit” from their store, on page 2 at or you can call them at 920-382-6498 Monday through Friday 9am – 4pm CST – and they send you out the kit.

When the kit arrives take a sample per the easy to follow directions, package it up and mail it back (postage not included). They will mail you back complete results with interpretation and recommendations.  (Allow 2 weeks for results)

The following tests are performed and interpreted for you:  Nitrite, pH, Total Dissolved Solids, Bio Test, Iron, Glycol Concentration/Level (if applicable), and Total Hardness

This testing procedure will give you complete results and recommendations so you can be assured your system is in top shape for the long haul. This not only protects your furnace but also protects your heat exchanger from damage. 

You can only burn wood and/or coal in your furnace. Burning any other debris or trash will void the warranty. Do not burn driftwood or any painted or treated wood.

Terms are subject to change without notice




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