Hyprotherm Top Loader Waiting Period

Due to very high demand and customer satisfaction, the current waiting time for a Hyprotherm top loading wood boiler is 10 weeks for the TL-433 model and 18 weeks for all other top loading models. Be sure to get your order in today to be ready for the upcoming 2019 fall and winter season!

The standard insulation on our furnaces is:

2″ of Morgan Super Wool with an R value of 56.8 on the tops and fronts and 3″ of Knauf ET Blanket + 1/4″ of Solar Guard for a combined R value of 23.1 on the rest of the furnace

The cold weather package is R-88.23 on tops and fronts and 68.4 on the rest of the furnace and is available for an additional $520.00

You can find out more insulation information including video demonstrations by going to the insulation page.

Waterless Top Loader Photos

Hyprotherm Top Loading;
Chest Type Furnaces
A Brief overview

Top loader names explained

HyProTherm TL = Original TL furnace, has water in the lid.
HyProTherm TL – WT = Version II of the TL furnace line, has no water in the lid.
HyProTherm TL – WT, 12/12 = 12” of water on the ends, 12” on the sides, see (A)
HyProTherm TL – WT, 12/6 = 12” of water on the ends 6” on the sides, see (B)
HyProTherm TL – WT, 6/6 = 6” of water on the ends 6” on the sides, see (C)
HyProTherm TL – WTC = same design as TL-WT, but with water in the lid. This is not the same design as the original TL series.


RED = Original Water in lid top loader
BLUE = 6” of water
PINK = 10” of water
GREEN = 12” of water
ORANGE = 14” of water
BLACK = custom not on product list

Top Loader Dimension Diagrams Below

4″ Fireboxes

Size/ModelFirebox DimensionsFirebox Capacity f³​Water CapacityRetail PriceBTUHeats ft²
TL-433(4L’x3W’x3H’)36 CF308 Gallon$9,827308,4167,500
TL-433-WT12/12(4L’x3W’x3H’)36 CF348 Gallon$9,827389,9349,453
TL-433-WTC12/1280 gallon in the lid428 Gallon$10,777479,57411,626
TL-446-WT6/6(4L’x4W’x6H’)96 CF357 Gallon$16,647400,0199,697
TL-446-WTC6/680 gallon in the lid437 Gallon$17,597489,46911,866
TL-446(4L’x4W’x6H’)96 CF554 Gallon$17,177620,75715,049
TL-446-WT10/10(4L’x4W’x6H’)96 CF665 Gallon$17,177745,13318,064
TL-446-WTC10/1080 gallon in the lid745 Gallon$18,127834,77320,236
TL-454-WT6/6(4L’x5W’x4H’)80 CF244 Gallon$14,847250,9926,085
TL-454-WTC6/6100 gallon in the lid344 Gallon$15,797385,4529,344
TL-454(4L’x5W’x4H’)80 CF486 Gallon$15,347544,56313,202
TL-454-WT12/12(4L’x5W’x4H’)80 CF580 Gallon$15,347649,89015,755
TL-454-WTC12/12100 gallon in the lid680 Gallon$16,297761,94018,471

5″ Fireboxes

Size/ModelFirebox DimensionsFirebox Capacity f³​Water CapacityRetail PriceBTUHeats ft²
TL-534-WT6/6(5L’x3W’x4H’)60 CF224 Gallon$13,887250,9926,085
TL-534-WTC6/675 gallon in the lid299 Gallon$14,837350,0308,486
TL-534(5L’x3W’x4H’)60 CF442 Gallon$14,307495,26112,006
TL-534-WT12/12(5L’x3W’x4H’)60 CF533 Gallon$14,307597,22714,478
TL-534-WTC12/1275 gallon in the lid608 Gallon$15,257681,26416,515
TL-553-WT6/6(5L’x5W’x3H’)75 CF303 Gallon$16,117339,5128,231
TL-553-WTC6/6125 gallon in the lid428 Gallon$17,06747957411,626
TL-553(5L’x5W’x3H’)75 CF479 Gallon$16,617474,33611,500
TL-553-WT 12/12(5L’x5W’x3H’)75 CF447 Gallon$16,617500,86412,142
TL-553-WTC12/12125 gallon in the lid572 Gallon$17,567640,92615,538
TL-555-WT6/6(5L’x5W’x5H’)125 CF344 Gallon$19,757385,4529,344
TL-555-WTC6/6125 gallon in the lid469 Gallon$20,707525,51512,740
TL-555-WT12/12(5L’x5W’x5H’)125 CF806 Gallon$20,457903,12321,894
TL-555-WTC12/12125 gallon in the lid931 Gallon$21,4071,043,18625,289
TL-556-WT6/6(5L’x5W’x6H’)150 CF426 Gallon$21,727477,33311,572
TL-556-WTC6/6125 gallon in the lid551 Gallon$22,677617,39614,697
TL-556(5L’x5W’x6H’)150 CF715 Gallon$22,577801,15819,442
TL-556-WT12/12(5L’x5W’x6H’)150 CF985 Gallon$22,5771,103,69326,756
TL-556-WTC12/12125 gallon in the lid1,110 Gallon$23,5271,243,75526,756

6″ Fireboxes

Size/ModelFirebox DimensionsFirebox Capacity f³​Water CapacityRetail PriceBTUHeats ft²
TL-633-WT6/6(6L’x3W’x3H’)54 CF173 Gallon$12,987193,8474,699
TL-633-WTC6/690 gallon in the lid263 Gallon$13,937564,73213,690
TL-633(6L’x3W’x3H’)54 CF425 Gallon$13,437416,75210,000
TL-633-WT12/12(6L’x3W’x3H’)54 CF419 Gallon$13,437469,49011,382
TL-633-WTC12/1290 gallon in the lid504 Gallon$14,387564,73213,690
TL-634-WT6/6(6L’x3W’x4H’)72 CF224 Gallon$14,997250,9926,085
TL-634-WTC6/690 gallon in the lid314 Gallon$15,947351,8378,529
TL-634(6L’x3W’x4H’)72 CF478 Gallon$15,417535,59912,984
TL-634-WT12/12(6L’x3W’x4H’)72 CF583 Gallon$15,417653,25215,836
TL-634-WTC12/1290 gallon in the lid673 Gallon$16,367754,09718,281
TL-644-WT6/6(6L’x4W’x4H’)96 CF404 Gallon$16,787452,68210,974
TL-644-WTC6/6120 gallon in the lid524 Gallon$17,737587,14214,234
TL-644(6L’x4W’x4H’)96 CF554 Gallon$17,247620,75715,049
TL-644-WT12/12(6L’x4W’x4H’)96 CF628 Gallon$17,247703,67417,059
TL-644-WTC12/12120 gallon in the lid748 Gallon$18,197703,67417,059
TL-1350-WT6/6(6L’x6W’x6H’)216 CF491 Gallon$23,847550,16613,337
TL-1350-WTC6/6180 gallon in the lid671 Gallon$24,797751,86518,227
TL-1350(6L’x6W’x6H’)216 CF889 Gallon$24,4971,065,59626,639
TL-1350-WT12/6(6L’x6W’x6H’)216 CF897 Gallon$24,4971,005,08924,366
TL-1350-WTC12/6180 gallon in the lid1,077 Gallon$25,447838,13420,318

8″ Fireboxes

Size/ModelFirebox DimensionsFirebox Capacity f³​Water CapacityRetail PriceBTUHeats ft²
TL-844-WT 6/6(8L’x4W’x4H’)128 CF264 Gallon$20,647295,8127,171
TL-844-WTC 6/6160 gallon in the lid424 Gallon$22,497475,09211,517
TL-844(8L’x4W’x4H’)128 CF683 Gallon$21,357765,30218,552
TL-844-WT12/12(8L’x4W’x4H’)128 CF726 Gallon$21,357813,48319,720
TL-844-WTC12/12160 gallon in the lid886 Gallon$23,217992,76324,066
TL-854-WT6/6(8L’x5W’x4H’)160 CF318 Gallon$21,577356,3198,638
TL-854-WTC6/6198 gallon in the lid516 Gallon$23,437578,17814,016
TL-854(8L’x5W’x4H’)160 CF771 Gallon$22,277863,90620,943
TL-854-WT12/12(8L’x5W’x4H’)160 CF767 Gallon$22,277859,42420,835
TL-854-WTC12/12198 gallon in the lid965 Gallon$24,1371,081,28326,213

9″ Fireboxes

Size/ModelFirebox DimensionsFirebox Capacity f³​Water CapacityRetail PriceBTUHeats ft²
TL-934-WT6/6(9L’x3W’x4H’)108 CF314 Gallon$20,137351,8378,529
TL-934-WTC6/6135 gallon in the lid449 Gallon$21,997503,10512,196
TL-934(9L’x3W’x4H’)108 CF651 Gallon$20,837783,23019,000
TL-934-WT12/12(9L’x3W’x4H’)108 CF735 Gallon$20,837823,56820,014
TL-934-WTC12/12135 gallon in the lid870 Gallon$22,697974,83523,632
TL-944-WT6/6(9L’x4W’x4H’)144 CF386 Gallon$21,987432,51310,485
TL-944-WTC6/6180 gallon in the lid566 Gallon$23,847634,20315,375
TL-944(9L’x4W’x4H’)144 CF747 Gallon$22,657837,01420,291
TL-944-WT12/12(9L’x4W’x4H’)144 CF774 Gallon$22,657867,26721,025
TL-944-WTC12/12180 gallon in the lid954 Gallon$24,5171,068,95725,914
TL-955-WT6/6(9L’x5W’x5H’)225 CF449 Gallon$25,387503,10512,186
TL-955-WTC6/6225 gallon in the lid674 Gallon$27,247755,21718,308
TL-955-WT12/12(9L’x5W’x5H’)225 CF1,053 Gallon$26,3171,179,88728,603
TL-955-WTC12/12225 gallon in the lid1,278 Gallon$28,1771,431,99934,715
TL-955-WT14/12(9L’x5W’x5H’)225 CF1,287 Gallon$28,1471,442,08434,860
TL-955-WTC14/12225 gallon in the lid1,512 Gallon$29,9971,694,19647,071

10″ Fireboxes

Size/ModelFirebox DimensionsFirebox Capacity f³​Water CapacityRetail PriceBTUHeats ft²
TL-1044-WT6/6(10L’x4W’x4H’)160 CF346 Gallon$23,747387,6939,399
TL-1044-WTC6/6200 gallon in the lid546 Gallon$25,857611,79314,831
TL-1044-WT12/12(10L’x4W’x4H’)160 CF823 Gallon$24,487922,17222,356
TL-1044-WTC12/12200 gallon in the lid1,023 Gallon$26,6071,146,27227,788
TL-1054-WT6/6(10L’x5W’x4H’)200 CF355 Gallon$25,547397,7789,643
TL-1054-WTC6/6250 gallon in the lid605 Gallon$27,667783,23018,987
TL-1054-WT12/12(10L’x5W’x4H’)200 CF860 Gallon$26,317963,63022,361
TL-1054-WTC12/12250 gallon in the lid1,110 Gallon$28,4371,243,75530,152
TL-1055-WT6/6(10L’x5W’x5H’)250 CF475 Gallon$27,247532,23812,903
TL-1055-WTC6/6250 gallon in the lid725 Gallon$29,367812,36319,694
TL-1055-WT12/12(10L’x5W’x5H’)250 CF1,115 Gallon$28,1471,249,35830,287
TL-1055-WTC12/12250 gallon in the lid1,365 Gallon$30,2671,529,48337,078
TL-1056-WT6/6(10L’x5W’x6H’)300 CF752 Gallon$29,037842,61620,427
TL-1056-WTC6/6250 gallon in the lid1,002 Gallon$31,1471,122,74127,218
TL-1056-WT12/12(10L’x5W’x6H’)300 CF1,369 Gallon$29,9771,533,96537,187
TL-1056-WTC12/12250 gallon in the lid1,619 Gallon$32,0871,814,09043,978
TL-1065-WTC6/6299 gallon in the lid934 Gallon$31,3771,046,54725,525

12″ Fireboxes

Size/ModelFirebox DimensionsFirebox Capacity f³​Water CapacityRetail PriceBTUHeats ft²
TL-1256-WT6/6(12L’x5W’x6H’)360 CF667 Gallon$31,467747,37418,118
TL-1256-WTC6/6299 gallon in the lid966 Gallon$33,5871,373,73333,303
TL-1256-WT12/12(12L’x5W’x6H’)360 CF1,527 Gallon$32,6471,711,00441,479
TL-1256-WTC12/12299 gallon in the lid3,627 Gallon$34,7671,373,73333,303

14″ Fireboxes

Size/ModelFirebox DimensionsFirebox Capacity f³​Water CapacityRetail PriceBTUHeats ft²
TL-1456-WT6/6(14L’x5W’x6H’)420 CF897 Gallon$44,7871,005,08924,366
TL-1456-WTC6/6329 gallon in the lid1,226 Gallon$47,4371,373,73333,303
TL-1456-WT12/12(14L’x5W’x6H’)420 CF1,885 Gallon$45,9872,112,14351,203
TL-1456-WTC12/12329 gallon in the lid2,214 Gallon$48,6372,480,78760,140