Now with a 2 foot x 2 foot door on all models
and a REMOVABLE ash pan!


Check out our ThermoWind Video below

If you are interested in turning the forced air furnace into one that burns coal,
you can simply add the cast iron shaker grate system that is demonstrated in the video below for $1,152 extra!

Rated to Heat up to 8500+ sq. ft.

Loading twice a day but it will heat more but it has to be loaded more often

The ThermoWind 4000 is designed to heat a large building  It will have two full-size furnace fans on it (2000 CFM each), to better heat a large building – with a total of 4 ducts (2 supply and 2 return).  It has a 68″ firebox that is 3 feet wide and has two firebox doors; one on each end, to better and easier load the furnace.  It has two forced air draft fans with automatic dampers on them.

It is rated at 205,000 BTU burning a good seasoned hardwood like oak.

The Standard Insulation Package on our furnaces is:

Three inches of Knauf ET Blanket = R- 11.5 + One quarter inch Solar Guard = R- 11.6
Hyprotherm side wall standard insulation = R- 23.10

Two inches of Morgan Super Wool Blanket
Hyprotherm top or front standard insulation = R- 56.80

If you want the best insulated furnace in the industry, be sure to get our Hyprotherm Cold Weather Package for an additional $307.00.  This amazing package covers the entire furnace in Morgan Super Wool instead of Knauf ET side wall. The Cold Weather Package on our furnaces is:

Two inches of Morgan Super Wool Blanket = R- 56.80 + One quarter inch Solar Guard = R- 11.60
Hyprotherm side wall Cold Weather Package Insulation R- 68.40

Three inches of Morgan Super Wool Blanket
Hyprotherm top or front Cold Weather Package Insulation R- 88.23

You can actually put your hand under Morgan Super Wool, heat the other side of it with a blow torch and not burn your hands!  Don’t believe us? Find that video and more insulation information by going to the insulation page.

Yeah, you want the cold weather package.

Hyprotherm Thermowind 4000 Specifications and Dimensions
Air Jacket Thickness; 1/8”
Firebox Capacity; 41 cubic feet
Firebox Dimensions; 1/4” thick 69”L x 30”W x 34”H
Fuel Door; 24” x 24”
Grate System; Round Steel (requires 3)
Ash Cleanout: Removable Ash Pan
BTUs; 205,000
Heatable Area; 8,500 sq ft
Length: 85”
Width: 78”
Height at roof peak (includes pallet): 88”
Flue Length above peak: 8”
Flue Pipe: Schedule 40 x 5.375” OD
Weight with standard features (includes pallet):
Weight including shipping crate: 3380 lb
Manufacture and Transport pallet dimensions:
80`” wide x 94” long x 6” tall
Crated Furnace Dimensions:
96″L x 80″W x 95″H

Forced Air Installation Manual
Honeywell Fan Limit Controller Manual