Shaver outdoor wood furnace was owned by Weld Rite, Inc.

Shaver Furnace began their outdoor wooden furnaces in 1972. It claims to have been the first company to market.  A Shaver standard furnace was able to heat up to 4,000 sq. ft. (5,000 sq ft in temperate climates). They created custom builds of any size of larger furnace needed and had models readily available that heated 8,000+ sq. ft spaces. Their more popular model was the Shaver ThermoWind 1000.


Where it all began

Shaver Furnace was a private family-owned company and was established in 1972 and then it was preceded by Shaver Heating and Air, a father-and-son operation that was founded in 1950. The Shavers began to develop their first prototype outdoor wood furnace for use in their own home in the 1960s.

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