Part # Description Price
PU25 Badger GPD 25-10SFC w/cord (1.79 amp) $225.00
PU6 Badger GPD 15-6SFC w/cord $145.00
PU15.5 Liquidus LPA15-5.5FC w/cord High Efficiency Pump $231.70
PU15.10 Liquidus LPA15-5.5FC w/cord Domestic Water Circulating Pump $247.80
*PU1558 Grundfos UPS15-58FC $185.40
*PU2696 Grundfos UPS26-96 – Single Speed $345.00

*All of the Grundfos pumps DO NOT have electrical cords.

Technical Data:

  • Removable Check Valve
  • Rotor Bleed Screw
  • All pumps are 3 speed unless specifically noted
  • Ceramic Shaft
  • 2 Year Warranty

Cast Iron Flange Sets

Part # Description Price
PU1-CAST 1″ Cast Flange Set $17.90
PU3-CAST 3/4″ Cast Flange Set $15.25
PU2-CAST 1 1/4″ Cast Flange Set $19.25

NOTE: The chart above can be used for PU25 and Speed 2 for the PU2696

NOTE: The chart above can be used for PU6 or PU1558