Use an outdoor wood furnace in connection with a hot tub heat exchanger or a swimming pool heat exchanger to heat your pool or hot tub.

You can use an outdoor wood burning furnace to heat your swimming pool or hot tub.

The outdoor wood boiler has a second set of ports, standard. You can use the pump you are using for your home heating system to heat your pool when you are not heating your home.

The easiest way to do this is to put a Y connector at the pump so that you can switch it to send water to the home during the winter and to the pool in the spring. The alternative is to mount the second pump on the provided second set of ports that comes free with the furnace.

An extra set of ports is available if needed.

This is a simple diagram showing how a pool and spa kit is hooked up. The second picture shows all of the parts, excluding the hot tub heat exchanger or pool heat exchanger needed. This kit will keep your pool temperature at within one degree.

The shell and tube pool and hot tub heat exchanger is shown in the third picture.

Pool and Spa Kit Contents

1 – shell pool heat exchanger (titanium or stainless steel) – listed below in the charts
1 – medium flow/high head 3 speed circulating pump – $225.06
1 – aquastat (comes with brass drywell) – $124.00
1 – 1″ set of flange ball valves (2) – $50.00
1 – 1″ MPT x PEX brass ball valve – $14.13
3 – 1″ PEX x 1″ MPT brass fitting – $12.90
1 – 1″ FPT brass ball valve – $17.65

The cost of the kit listed above is $443.74

The tube and shell prices are not included with this kit.  The prices for those are listed below.  The tube and shell needed is determined by your pool or spa gallons of water.

This kit listed above will keep your pool temperature within one degree.


pool heat exchanger

The shell and tube heat exchanger splices into your pool pump and filter plumbing, and then the water is heated.

StainlessPriceBTUPool SizeDiameterLengthHot Water PortsPool Ports
SP55$198.0055,0004,700(19 tubes inside)2.36″14.17″3/4″1″
SP85$222.0085,0007,300(19 tubes inside)2.36″20.47″3/4″1″
SP155$259.00155,00013,300(30 tubes inside)2.99″17.71″1″1 1/2″
SP210$323.00210,00018,000(30 tubes inside)2.99″22.44″1 1/2″1 1/2″
SP300$372.80300,00025,800(36 tubes inside)2.99″30.71″1 1/2″2″
SP360$466.00360,00031,500(36 tubes inside)3.5″32.68″1 1/2″2″
SP600$662.00600,00052,500(42 tubes inside)4.48″35.43″2″2 1/2″
SP1200$797.001,200,000105,600(84 tubes inside)5.23″35.43″2″2 1/2″
PriceBTUPool SizeDiameterLengthHot Water PortsPool Ports
SP55$304.2655,0004,700(19 tubes inside)2.36″14.17″3/4″1″
SP85$504.7585,0007,300(19 tubes inside)2.36″20.47″3/4″1″
SP155$673.20155,00013,300(30 tubes inside)2.99″17.71″1″1 1/2″
SP210$806.40210,00018,000(30 tubes inside)2.99″22.44″1 1/2″1 1/2″
SP300$1,016.35300,00025,800(36 tubes inside)2.99″30.71″1 1/2″2″
SP360$1,154.65360,00031,500(36 tubes inside)3.5″32.68″1 1/2″2″
SP600$2,015.60600,00052,500(42 tubes inside)4.48″35.43″2″2 1/2″
SP1200$2,522.951,200,000105,600(84 tubes inside)5.23″35.43″2″2 1/2″

Be sure to call Randy at (800) 780-4302 if you have any questions about heating your pool or hot tub or any other heat exchanger questions!