Benefits of a Nature’s Comfort Outdoor Wood Furnace

Benefits of a Nature’s Comfort Outdoor Wood Furnace

Nature’s Comfort Outdoor Wood Furnaces provide hot water to be used in conjunction with existing forced air or radiant heating systems. 

  • The chance of carbon monoxide build-up in your home is totally eliminated by using wood in an outside furnace..
  • The chance of a gas explosion from your furnace in your home is eliminated because all burning takes place outside now..
  • Indoor pollutants of harmful gases and fumes are eliminated.
  • Eliminates the chance of chimney and flu fires from your furnace or fireplace.. 
  1. Lower utility bills dramatically! Wood is very cheap or in many cases FREE! You can eliminate your gas, oil or electric bill simply by using a Nature’s Comfort Outdoor Wood Furnace. Wood hasn’t gone up in price for years and is very plentiful. In many cases our customers have enough wood standing (and falling) on their property to keep them in firewood for life! Stop that $3000 LP bill NOW!
  2. Owners of our Nature’s Comfort Outdoor Furnace are also using up to 25 to 50% less wood compared to other heating methods. Since the Nature’s Comfort can burn larger pieces of wood it will dramatically reduce the time loading the furnace and the time spent cutting the wood – and there is no splitting. Plus the wood burns better and more completely. Costs for large round pieces are also significantly less than for shorter pieces of split wood. You can get this type of wood for $90 a cord (or less) compared to $120-140 a cord.
  3. Heating with wood outside of the house is HEALTHIER and CLEANER! No more smoke, ashes, bark, bugs, dark and sooty walls, black ceilings, log piles and trash in the house. Instead of moving the wood and mess indoors – the boiler is outdoors – next to the wood.  And the mess is OUTSIDE!
  4. A Nature’s Comfort outdoor wood furnace improves your indoor air quality and can alleviate respiratory and allergy problems caused by burning wood (and even LP, oil and gas) indoors.
  5. The house is always less drafty when heating with the outside wood boiler because there is no fire inside the house drawing in cold outside air to replace the air burned up in combustion.
  6. Easy Thermostat control provides your home with controllable, reliable, steady and even heat.
  7. Heating hot water with your Nature’s Comfort Furnace will save you $30-60 a month alone! It takes care of all your hot water needs; the element in your hot water heater may never need come on again. You will never run out of hot water!
  8. A 20-Year Limited Warranty and a 5 Year ON-SITE Warranty covers the entire furnace, tanks, firebox, frame etc.  Pumps, draft fan and thermostat are guaranteed for one year.
  9. Safety! The fire is outside in an enclosed firebox!– The Nature’s Comfort removes dangerous fire hazards from your home or other building because all of the burning takes place outside, away from the house. Our furnace is made to be situated out in the yard, away from the house. The usual distance is 50 to 120 feet but can it be as close as 10 feet or as far away as 200 feet (or more). We have a customer that has a furnace 325 feet from his home and is very happy.  Outdoor furnaces remove the dangers of wood stove fires in the house. Any fire department that compares the safety of indoor units versus outdoor ones will declare hands down that outdoor furnaces are the winners. This safety feature is usually reflected in lower insurance rates. In fact many insurers won’t insure a home that has wood only heat (indoors). I found that out for myself!- With no circuit boards and electronics and no fan on the front door, our unit is simpler and safer.
  10. The Nature’s Comfort Furnace is all about easy maintenance and fewer parts requiring service. You don’t need costly electrical gadgets and gizmos to cause you problems down the road. This is a proven design! 
  11. One furnace can heat several buildings so there is no need to purchase a furnace or other heat source for each building. Simply run a 2 extra PEX pipes to the building, shop or garage  – or even a driveway or walkway-  that you want to heat ( or keep ice-free). Heat garages, barns and shops without an existing furnace!
  12. Heat your spa, hot tub and swimming pool while heating your domestic hot water all summer long!
  13. Homes, cabins, commercial buildings such as motels, factories and restaurants can all be heated cheaper and easily with our furnaces.Simple, clean and efficient, one furnace can heat your house,  shop, garage, swimming pool, hot tub, greenhouse or factory.*

The University of Nebraska

Adams said, “Wood burning stoves may not only save people money on their heating bills this winter, but also are a clean alternative to electric or gas furnaces.” 

Scott Josiah, state forester with the Nebraska Forest Service at UNL, said “There also are environmental benefits to using wood heat. Wood heat produces little pollution and is environmentally friendly, especially when wood is used in a high-efficiency wood burning stove and where firewood is a readily available resource.”

The bottom line? Heating with an outdoor wood furnace is an extremely viable and inexpensive heating alternative.