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WoodMaster Outdoor Wood Boilers

WoodMaster Outdoor Wood Boilers

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The WM-3300
is rated at 75,000 BTU/hr
on a 12 hour burn
Heats up to 2,000 sq ft.


The WM-4400
is rated at 125,000 BTU/hr
on a 12 hour burn
Heats up to 4,000 sq ft.


The WM-5500
is rated at 360,000 BTU/hr
on a 12 hour burn
Heats up to 10,000 sq ft.


The WM-6500
is rated at 650,000 BTU/hr
on a 12 hour burn
Heats up to 20,000 sq ft.


You can heat for far less money than fuel oil, natural gas, propane and even off-peak electric rates. Heating smart will pay in the long run going forward. If you live in the suburbs or a rural area near a source of cheap or free wood, you could heat your home for the entire season for less than one month’s electric heat bill.  Owners who have scrap wood sources or cut their own basically eliminate their “fuel” costs.

WoodMaster’s five wood furnace models generate economical, natural, safe heat and are:

  • Compatible with most existing and new heat systems, including hot water, forced air, hydronic heat, radiant baseboard, existing water-to-water and in-floor
  • Built to heat buildings, garages, workshops, and other spaces, plus hot water systems