Best Outdoor Wood Furnace by WoodMaster

Best Outdoor Wood Furnace by WoodMaster

We make it easy for you to buy a wood or coal furnace,
furnace parts, pex, water treatment or whatever else you might need.
We can ship it to you within days by credit card or check.
Your one stop shop where one call does it all!

Discover WHY we can say that!

We have a complete walkthrough of the WoodMaster traditional wood boiler which you can watch below.

Most important reasons why we are the

Our firebox is made out of high quality 1/4″ mild steel
That is why they don’t rust through, split, crack or warp!

Remember, the thicker the steel, the more the blower kicks in
to maintain the water temperature and the additional steel past 1/4″
(That is why we recommend using a 1/4″ firebox)

Round chamber design provides optimum internal air movement and
water circulation for even heat transfer and more efficient burn.
This design also offers 40% fewer seams than a square box,
for less chance of cracking or leaking, minimal pitting and
no dead spots, so creosote doesn’t build up

Digital Electronic Temperature Control (ETC) is one center for
operating temperature settings, blower, reset, water level indicator
and nightlight in an easy-to-read display.

Our limited lifetime warranty covers parts AND labor!
Many warranties only cover parts or
you have to ship the furnace back to the manufacturer!

Make sure you don’t buy your furnace off of eBay.
An eBay outdoor wood furnace will not come
with the factory warranty and you
will not get the same customer service!

Manufacturer/Brand Firebox Thickness
Information taken from their website
WoodMaster Offers high quality 1/4″ mild steel
Nature’s Comfort 1/4″ mild steel
along with the option to go 3/8″
Hypro Therm Thicker than 1 Gauge! .427″
OVER 4/10th of an inch thick!
The Homesteader 7 gauge or approx. .1793″
Lil’House Outside Wood Heater 16 gauge .060″
Mahoning (approx 3 gauge) .250″
Hydro Fire 10 gauge .1345″
Hardy Uses both 14 gauge .0747″ and 16 gauge
(Firebox, Water Tank, Base, Ash Bin, and Doors)
Heatmor 10 gauge .1345″
Aqua Therm Models 275 and 345 have a 3/16″ (0.1875″)
model 145 has a 1/8″ .125″ (11 gauge)
Pro-Fab Industries
Empyre Wood Burning Furnace
10 gauge .1345″
Taylor Models 275 and 345 have a 3/16 (0.1875″) firebox,
and the model 145 has a 1/8 (.125″)
Bryan Furnace 1/4″ (.250″) and 10 gauge (.1345″) combo
Central Boiler Their website only says “heavy gauge”
but forums say 1/4″ or .250″

We custom build every best exterior outdoor furnace for you,
so when you order you can specify
your choice of several great colors
and several other combinations!

Our best outdoor wood boiler is SO strong, we can suspend it from the top alone!
(where the circular hole is)
You can also lift the furnace with a forklift from the bottom.

This is how we move and load every one of them!!


Building Quality Wood Furnaces
Since 1989

Why buy a WoodMaster Outdoor Furnace? WM The Others
We make our round firebox to last with few welds! Ours is a high quality mild steel that is 1/4″ thick! NO
We give accurate BTU ratings using an established scientific formula. NO
We make it user serviceable. Anyone can maintain our furnace! NO
WoodMaster Exclusive Digital Electronic Temperature Control (ETC) which has been in use for over 25 years! NO
We have been building high quality energy efficient furnaces since 1989! NO
best outdoor wood furnace

Our WoodMaster 4400 Best Outdoor Wood Furnace
Rated to Heat up to 5000 sq. ft.


If your buildings are insulated with good windows and you use a dry seasoned hardwood,
your burn times are usually 12 to 24 hours depending on the temperature setting in your building.

Get the Bugs, Dirt, Wood and Smoke outside.
Your lungs will love you
and your Insurance Company will too!

Many people are getting lower insurance rates.

We feel we build the safest,
best wood furnace and coal furnace.

We have the BEST PRICES and
a Very Friendly Staff to help
you every step of the way.

Feel free to call Randy – (608) 399-4847

Extra large, waist high loading door.
No more bending over,
straining your back to load wood!
Lever action latch for easy closing and safety!
A PROVEN design!
ALL furnaces come with a light
for on the front for making wood
loading easier at night!

If it’s dark outside and you go
near the best wood boiler,
it will be on!

Think the door’s not big enough?

The door is more than big enough
for anything you can lift into the furnace!

24″ W X 24″ H for the WoodMaster 4400!

Comes STANDARD with ONE Hookup with the option for heating FOUR zones in total
for heating a Home AND a shop / garage / apartment / pool / hot tub and MUCH more!

Our units also come with a quality pump that we preset to run continuous.  This is so you never have to worry about freezeup.

We use state-of-the-art insulation!

Insulation (R19 on sides and bottom, R38 on top)

We can heat a house with a water temperature of just 160-180 degrees. You burn less wood this way!

Featuring a high quality 1/4″ mild steel round firebox.

There is an air handler/blower that feeds air into the firebox, in the front, to feed oxygen to the fire.  It is thermostatically controlled to keep the water at a set temperature that you can adjust.


As you can see, the firebox is round.  Fires like round chambers better then square fireboxes.  They don’t like the voids of the corners.  The forced-air fan is in the front – feeding oxygen into the fire.  The firebox is totally surrounded by water.- top, sides, bottom, front and back!

Click on Picture for a Larger Image to see hookup detail.
These furnaces are shown with the panel off for easier viewing!

Extra Large rear access panel. All electrical items are in back, safely behind a panel!
Water and electrical hookups.
The easiest furnace for the self-installer to put in!
Look at picture on left to see hookup detail.
All units can hold as many as 4 pumps to heat up to 4 zones.

The blower inside the door is a great aid in getting a fire started. It also recovers the water temperature much quicker, and burns the wood up more completely because oxygen is being fed to the the flame!

The air blower determines how hot the fire burns and therefore how hot the water gets.
The patented ETC on the side of the unit tells the blower when to turn on and off,
so it doesn’t run all the time and waste wood..This is a LOT more efficient than a damper!
The air blows into the fire, through the front door!
You get more complete burning from a fire where the oxygen is fed in!
(items in this wood install kit are listed to the right)
Installation Kit For Forced Air Contents

40′ – 1″ red PEX

20′ – 3/4″ red PEX

1 – 1″ MPT x PEX valve

1 – 3/4″ MPT x PEX valve

1 – 1 x 1 x 3/4 PEX T

3 – 1″ PEX x MPT fitting

2 – 1″ PEX x Fem Sweat fitting

2 – 1″ PEX couplings

12 – 1″ PEX cinch clamps

3 – 3/4″ PEX cinch clamps

1 – PEX cinch tool

4 – 1/2 gal boiler treatment

1 – Boiler Treatment Test Kit

1 – 20 plate water to water heat exchanger

1 – water to air heat exchanger

50′ – Platinum 3 Wrap Insulated red&blue 1″ Pipe

  Within a couple of minutes – literally – this fire was roaring! This happens if you use a good dry seasoned wood!


Great News!

We have a coal series furnace with a shaker grate!.  You can watch the outdoor coal furnace section at the top of this page.
We have had a customer burning coal in his furnace the past 2 winters!
He puts 8-10 shovels in, about to the bottom of the door, heaping in the middle about 9″.
This little bit will last him 12-16 hours he said!
He said that one of the advantages of coal are that it heats up faster.
He can come home late to a dead fire and the water cooled off and can have heat in 20 minutes!
The coal also lasts longer than wood. He often mixes wood, putting it on top of the coal and it works VERY well, he said.
He is heating a 3300 sq. ft house and a 1000 sq ft garage with 12 foot ceilings –
so an equivalent of 1500 sq. ft plus 3300 plus his hot water. 4800 sq. ft total.
The garage stays at 70 degrees even when it’s below 0 outside!
To top it all off, his furnace is 325 feet from his house!! He’s a happy camper…

Choose from a wide variety of colors for our WoodMaster boilers today!

Questions about Stainless Steel answered

Do you build with stainless steel?

No, we don’t build stainless for several really good reasons.
Our furnaces last longer than stainless with MANY furnaces still in use from day one!!
1. Mild steel transfers heat better than stainless does.
2. Stainless is a great sales feature, but little else, since most companies use cheap stainless, like a car’s exhaust system.
There are many grades of stainless out there.
3. Since stainless is so expensive, the fireboxes are made really thin.
Some are no thicker than the metal in a 55 gallon barrel or the thickness of a trailer fender!!
That’s why you see so many split and broken apart.
4. Stainless is more prone to stress cracks, so why use it?
5. Unless the stainless is retreated after welding, you’ve lost all of it’s properties through the heating of the metal.
And it’s being welded to mild steel anyway, so what’s the use?
Like I said, it’s a great sales feature but our 1/4″ high quality mild steel furnace heats better, doesn’t crack and split – and lasts longer!
If stainless was better, we’d surely be using it.

About us:


WoodMaster furnaces are manufactured and distributed by Northwest Manufacturing of Red Lake Falls, Minnesota. Since 1989, WoodMaster has built industry-leading outdoor furnaces, continually finding innovative uses of natural energy and alternative fuel sources. The company is now the first to manufacture bioenergy flex fuel furnaces.

Wood Heating Solutions LLC helps consumers find the right WoodMaster furnace for their heating requirements. We carry a full line of parts and accessories and provide attentive, expert service at installation and throughout the life of each furnace.

Northwest Manufacturing also provides underfloor heating, water distribution systems and snow and ice melting systems, as well as other HeatLink solutions.


WoodMaster’s leadership team collaborates with industry experts, other furnace manufacturers and governing entities in many states to establish and adhere to emissions standards.